I entered a contest where I had to condense the plot of my story into 250 words or less.  I thought Oh, this won’t take very long.  Three days later I am finally happy with the summary, and I even had to call in my CP to help straighten out some kinks.  I’m a bit embarrassed about that.  There are so many interesting (or at least I think) plot points that I would love to include, but at the end of the day, what is important?  Writing the summary helped me understand that the interesting goings on in the story make it unique and fun, but the plot and characters drive it from point A to point Z.  I think I will write a 250 summary for all my future stories and keep it in front of me, so when I get off track, I’ll be reminded of where the story and characters are headed.

Just a thought…

Have a groovy day!

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