July is here.  Where in the world did my year go?  I suppose it’s orbiting around the eight month old wonder. Blue is growing too fast.  I told him yesterday (because he can understand and contribute to our conversations) that he needed to start growing down rather than up because Mommy’s heart is going to crack when he gets too big to give her hugs.

We went on a trip together, Blue and I.  On the way to our destination, we had to pull on the side of the highway because he decided to poo Every. Where.  Then he was hungry.  So I fed him in the green, green weeds flanking the Louisiana highway. About an hour later, Blue was not to be consoled.  So I found a large souvenir shop where he and I both found our own alligators. See?  (As tempted as I was, I did not take Sasquatch the Alligator home with me.)

photo 4













We had a lovely time with my good friend, her two children, and her mother.  I had a gorgeous room, which was where I decided that I liked painted brick.

photo 3









(He was just playing adorably.)



There are great thrift stores called Red, White and Blue in New Orleans and in a little town just over the Mississippi River called Gretna.  The profits benefit veterans and they have great stock.  Blue racked up!  Also, I want to marry Whole Foods.

And…yup…That is all.


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