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The writer’s life is solitary … only if you want it to be.

Writing critique partnerships could solve creative isolation, but confusion on the topic abounds. Where do you find one? How do they work? How do you move past a bad experience? We’re critique partners who, over the years, cultivated a process, redeemed our mistakes and maintained our friendship. Finders Keepers is our conversation analyzing six aspects of critique partnerships.

  • Defining Critique Partnerships
  • Evaluating Yourself for Your New Role
  • Choosing a Critique Partner
  • Preparing for a Critique
  • Giving a Critique
  • Receiving a Critique

We’re more than just talk, though. Each topic has hands-on challenges to encourage introspection and strategic action, strengthening your relationship into an unstoppable team. With this dynamic, you can confidently launch more powerful, polished words that reflect your purpose. We find our critique partnership personally fulfilling and professionally accelerating; we desire the same for you. Are you in it for keeps?

Written with Joy E. Rancatore and Published by Logos and Mythos Press

Current Project

All the Words Thumbnail*Not the actual cover

Jade Wrey-personal assistant and best friend to musician Krystal Wreck-didn’t intend to lie about her identity. She just forgot that Krystal’s name was in the automatic signature when the email exchange with LaRue Livingston became a welcome interruption in her dry, professional life. For the next three weeks, she intends to focus on rebuilding Krystal’s reputation, especially since her idea is the agency for the hopeful rebound. But, LaRue keeps distracting her, and all the words she buries threaten to come to the surface, shredding the façade Jade first created for survival.

Five lyricists compete for a co-writing spot on Krystal Wreck’s next album, and because of his sister’s covert entry, LaRue Livingston is one of them. LaRue’s not naturally a person to demand a spotlight from the world, but his sister urged him to “live it up” before he left. Since he’s the reason she’s in a wheelchair, he felt obligated to agree. But, LaRue is already off to a bad beginning. After an email conversation with Krystal and seeing her face-to-face, LaRue can’t deny his developing feelings for the singer-songwriter, and he’s pretty sure falling for her will only get in the way of winning it all.

 Next in Line

The Wrong Words Cover.png*Not the actual cover

The Wrong Words looks at two contestants’ relationship after the songwriting competition. Which two contestants? I’ll never tell! (That’s not true. I’ll totally tell…when it’s time. *insert evil laugh*)

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In the Think Tank

Water Novel Place Holder*Not the actual cover

Though this book will not be titled Water Novel, water is totally in it and it will be a novel. I’ve been dreaming about these characters for years. It’s almost through percolating, and I’m excited about finally writing it! (I wish I could put a happy dance gif here, but it will mess up my aesthetics.)

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In Revision

Salt on My Tongue Cover

*Not the actual cover

Charles Bukowski said, “Poetry is what happens when nothing else can.”

I feel you, Bukowski.

I can only muster a few finger twitches during tough life moments. I find solace in those spasms, and sometimes, they even form book-like shapes. The contents of this book are bone-deep, and provide an insight into my life that I’m not always comfortable sharing. But that’s where you come in. The vulnerability is worth it if you find communion with a fellow fighter, company in the dark times, and courage to deal.

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