Father’s Day Awesomeness

We Rocked Father’s Day.  Now, let me preface with this: Husband and I don’t do Valentine’s Day and such because we believe in showing each other we are awesome everyday, but since it was the first for each of us this year, we celebrated Mother’s and Father’s Day with as much abandon as we could muster.  So to recount the events, I’ll begin here:

Blue woke up at 5:30am. I jumped up and let Husband sleep.  Present number 1 (because it wasn’t my morning).

He woke at 7:30am.  His job for the day?  Play with Blue.  I did the grocery shopping and came home with breakfast.  Then, I started cooking Special Father’s Day Lunch.  I don’t cook a lot, Guys.  So…Present number 2.

Three and a half hours later, we had a lovely salad, homemade chicken pot pie, and red velvet cupcakes for dessert.  I bought the cupcakes.

 FD 1 FD 2

After lunch, Husband played video games while Blue took his afternoon nap.

When he woke up, we went outside to play, where I got these sweet memories:

 FD 3


FD 5

Winston the Pup was there, too, but he doesn’t stay put for long.

Then we went inside and listened to Wilco’s Hotel Yankee Foxtrot on wax.  Present 3.

FD 4

Husband likes to collect mugs so Present 4 was just that.

FD 6It’s from this Etsy store if you like it.

Because it took me almost 4 hours to cook lunch, dinner was pizza.  Husband didn’t want to wait that long for me to cook something else.  Thank God.

After dinner we played with Blue.  The most memorable game: Improv Finger Puppet Theatre.

Husband isn’t the GO-TO-A-RESTAURANT-&-WAIT-2-HOURS-TO-SIT-DOWN kinda guy, so instead we stayed in, and though he had to wait 3 and a half hours for a mediocre chicken pot pie, at least he got to use his own bathroom during the wait.

I hope he feels like we love him more than our luggage because, in fact, we do.  He makes our family a Family.  He stands strong when I need a LeanTo.  He’s makes me laugh, and he makes me feel pretty.  He’s the best dad.  He’s my Favorite.  And all those Halmark-type things.  Happy Father’s Day, Husband.

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