Feeling All Kinds of YAY!

On September 19, 2013, I sent off the first draft of FirstNovel Part I to CP. I am feeling all kinds of YAY right now. I was a week behind the deadline I set, but in the grand scheme of things, that didn’t really matter. Why? Because it was my deadline with no other motivations propping it up and because, well, I didn’t pummel myself for missing the deadline and give up. I trekked on and finished it. Which is something new for me. I’m liking this perseverance characteristic I’ve acquired. I’m liking that it’s there because I’ve placed more value on Me. (Yes, I used a capital M. I’m that awesome.)
Part II outlining is already commencing, and I look forward to working my ass off. Who says that? People who love what they do, that’s who. And, currently, that’s me!!!!

It’s Banned Books Week, and in honor of banned books everywhere, here is a video for your enjoyment.

I hope you are getting closer to your writing/life goals! Feel free to share! I love celebrating, and I can e-celebrate with You! (Yes, I used a capital Y. You’re that awesome!)

Aanndd…I’m off!

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