And Now I’m Back from Outer Space

Hey, Guys! I bet you’re wondering if I fell off into MommyLand, if I still care about goals and writing and creativity, if I still shower or if hygiene has been replaced with baby throw up and poop. For those of you who thought, “Well, no, Mea. Actually I didn’t even know you were gone”, you have my permission to skip to the next post now.

For everyone else, I now know the wheat from the shaft. Ha! Just kidding!

So, I had a baby. A wonderful baby boy. He’s amazing and is Husband’s doppleganger-minus the beard. Husband is emmensely proud that Blue looks like him, beeming every time someone mentions it.

Currently, Blue is 5 months, and I just feel like my head is screwed on straight. Tomorrow, I may feel differently, but today, I’m okay. The hormones–the very same ones that weren’t so bad during pregnancy to the point that I thought, “What’s all the hormone hubbub about?”– attacked me with avengance post labor. The Baby Blues, as the books call it, aren’t quite blue at all. Sometimes, they would be fire yellow or wicked red or hard black. I would seethe and cry and yell and, then, just when you want to jump out the window from being in the same room with me, I would become unnaturally numb or laugh because I knew I was being rediculously crazy and there was nothing I could do about it. The Baby Blues also had nothing to do with my Baby. He’s laid back, rarely cries, and is so patient. But “Baby Blues”–amazingly awful and misnamed.
The funny thing about being crazy, your writing is not the same. My voice changed. my characters were as insane as i was…am?… Needless to say, I was unable to get things right. But now that I’m feeling stable…I want to give it a shot again. I ask myself when and it seems that the earliest my work will allow is at the end of May. I’m so very ready to write again. I’m giddy with planning!
I also owe you a book review. I have two I’d like to share that have really inspired me during this hiatus. That’s coming up next. So, yeah, I’m back, and I think y’all are great! Did I miss anything good?


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