I will soon write a review for a book that I read and loved, but until I am not tired all the time, this will have to do…

2 weeks and 6 days until my due date!!!

AND! A little story…

There once was a very pregnant woman with two dogs who she loved very much.  After a long day at work, the woman came home and fed her lovely pups and then took them for a romp in the yard.  The pups ran and played, and all three were very happy.  When it was time to go inside the house, the pups ran ahead, reaching the front porch and inviting red door before the pregnant woman could waddle up the concrete steps.  She opened the door, watched to make sure both pups made it inside, and stepped into the living room.  Suddenly, her ankle itched.  Because the woman was very pregnant, she found it more convenient to use her other foot to scratch the offending itch.  When her right foot came in contact with her left, she felt a strange sensation–something foreign with the consistency of mud or…

Immediately the woman went back outside to the light of day and discovered that her shoe was not the only thing on her foot.  Sometime during the running and playing and walking back to the house, the woman had stepped in poop.  She supposed, as she cleaned her shoes and legs with one of her husband’s dirty work towels, that this was bound to happen eventually since for the last few weeks she could not see her feet. The path she walked was from memory, not from sight.  She reentered the house with her mutts spastically reacting to the microwave siren sporadically shouting that dinner meat was defrosted, but all the woman could think about was getting clean.  She lumbered into the shower, then out of it, and then to the kitchen to finish cooking dinner.  Her husband was there, waiting with a big hug and a sweet kiss for his unborn child and wife.  Though still exhausted from the work day and the unexpected, unwelcomed, poop experience, the woman returned to her state of happiness because nothing–not even caked-on, e coli-infested poop–could steal her joy.   THE END

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