June Update

Hello, there!

I’m a bit embarrassed with my update this month, so I procrastinated until today to post it. Then, I felt worse because I am a New, Productive Me, and come to find out, I can’t continue being that person while procrastinating. Even though, this is a mite painful, I’m sucking it up and posting it. Even though my heart is heavy, I’m clinging to my goals. They very well might be my life raft. Be easy on me, Internet.

I didn’t make my writing goal this month. In fact I wrote during two days, only 4 hours, and 1,774 words. I finished 1 and 1/4 scene.

In 6 months, the total word count is 36,384.
3 scenes left in Act II.

There are things to be thankful for:
–any writing is progress
–I’m beginning to heal from June 1st.
–I’m not dead.

I have high hopes for you, July. Mount Everest high. North star high.

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