The New Year is Upon Us

Hello to y’all and to 2014!
Christmas travels are over, Blue can get back to some semblance of routine, and on Monday, I head back to work. Everyday this holiday break I wrote down daily to-do lists and goals, and I can honestly say that this break has been the most productive. Even if I just wrote, “watched 3 seasons of Luther“, which incidentally I did and it is AMAZING, I KNOW what I did that day. I have a forgetful mind and this helps remind me how productive (or not) I am. I liked this practice so much that Husband introduced me to his Day Planner website. (Don’t judge him too harshly. He’s hot when he’s nerdy.) He’s been trying to sell me on it for a while. He’s such an adult, he’s had one for years.
Husband asked me what I was doing a moment ago, and I told him I was making my New Year Resolutions. He scoffed and went on ignoring the tickle of doodles I drew on his ankles. I now have 10 purposefully written resolutions that I hope to complete by the end of 2014.
5 are writing related, 4 are craft/art related, and 1 is health related.
This is a step up from last year when I had a touch of the postpartum and had a two-month-old child. Actually, it was more than a touch. Postpartum was slathered all over me like tar, and I constantly felt like people who were supposed to love me were hiding boxes of feathers. Thanks to an extremely supportive (and resilient) Husband and friends who liked me in spite of (and sometimes because of) my crazy, I’ve come to the other side of it. Goals have become such a large part of my daily life, I’m taking it a step further this year and resolving to finish these resolutions.

This is the year of Finish Lines.
This is the year of Doing.
Of working hard and seeing accomplishments.
I am primed and ready!

So, good night all! There are Things to do tomorrow!

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