Things I Loved about Blood Magic

1)The magic itself—Tessa Gratton’s magic was dirty, chaotic.  It demanded sacrifice and pain.  There was nothing “pretty” about it.  If the character(s) wanted to have something out-of-this-natural-world done, it wasn’t going to be accomplished with a magic wand and sparkles.  It was done with blood and herbs and, occasionally, death.  This created a stark line between the magical world and the mundane world.  Its darkness made the reader see that magic in this world as abnormal and scary and all-consuming if the characters let it be.   Super metaphorical.  I reveled in it.

2)Characterization—I loved the tragic backstories of these characters.  I loved the macho/nerdiness of Reese.  (I might be biased because I married someone macho/nerdy.)  I loved Silla’s strength and willingness to do whatever it took, no matter how it would affect her personally.  I loved Nick’s perseverance and care.  I loved the way Gratton handled Lilith.  The characters were people who the reader might have met already—with a Magical Crazy going after them.

3)The Story—The actual read was pleasant.  The story had a unique plot.  It never dragged or felt tiresome.  The conflict was dire, and the resolution was fitting and creative.  I enjoyed it.  I didn’t devour it, but I like that I wanted to take my time to understand and wade in the pretty language the author used. When I did put it down, though, it crept into my thoughts, and that constitutes a good book to me.

4)The Journal—The use of the journal entries as part of the story drew me in completely.  Should I have moral issues for saying I really enjoyed a villainous character?  Well, I did.  Enjoy the character, that is.  I’ll worry about what that says about me later.

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