Vacation Milestone

Husband and I took a short vacation to the beach.  It was WONDERFUL!  I’ll tell you a secret…

The weekend after Labor Day is a really great time to go to commercial beaches.  There are so few people there, you could pretend the water is your front yard!

*I keep having to stop myself from using all caps on certain words.  Ever since I did it with “wonderful” up there, my fingers want to continue with other words I would normally emphasize in speech , like “great” and “your”.  STOP IT, Hands!*

I have a book idea in mind that is set in a beach community with a tourist season–commercial, but in an “I want to experience living on the water and then eat in a fancy restaurant” kinda way rather than a “I want to shop in an outlet and swim in the hotel pool with a view of the beach” type of touristy way.  Or maybe a mixture of both.  I’m not sure yet.  Anyway, the trip helped get a grip on the atmosphere I want to create.  I do think it will be my next project.

This was our last vacation with just the two of us.  We kept talking about what we would do when Clay gets here, what fun we would have, how while I sleep a bit later, Husband can take him to the early breakfast restaurant his dad (and Clay’s namesake) took him to when he was alive.  It was like a partial scouting trip for future adventures; the other part was nothing but relaxation and connecting with Husband even more.  The Baby is coming in 8 weeks, so every hour or so he would ask me if I was okay–sooner if I got a funny look on my face or if I dazed out in thought or exhaustion.  It was wonderful–I’m in such a peaceful place (she says as she scurries to make a phone call she forgot to make earlier in the day).

When we got home at 3:30pm, I began cleaning: laundry, sheets, vacuuming, baby’s room, unpacking, master bedroom, etc.  At midnight, I made myself get in the shower and prepare for work the next day.  Husband was preparing for his Western Civ class into the wee hours of night, so I just kept going on auto pilot until my feet told me, “NO MORE!”.  Is this nesting or nerves?  I don’t know.  Either way, I hope it happens again.  I could use a couple more days of it to get my house in tip-top shape before I get immobile. I am massive now, or at least I feel that way.

Now, I will stop procrastinating on writing Thank You cards and get to work.  Blah.

Also, I will leave you with this.  I hope you think it’s cute instead of creepy.  I think he looks like he is smiling…


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