Living This Pregnancy

My writing partner had a baby!  Congratulations to Amy and Harry and her new addition, Harrison! He is absolutely beautiful, as we all knew he would be.  I had high expectations, when I found out I was pregnant, for my productivity level, and now I’ve discovered that I have fallen behind, which at first discovery made me sad.  But then, I realized…I absolutely LOVE being pregnant.  I love the look in Husband’s eyes when he sees/feels the baby move.  I love the conversations Husband and I have.  I love the conversations Baby Clay and I have when no one is around.  I love petting my belly as if he could feel it.  I love the way others get excited for our situation.  I love the preparations, though tiring, that we are making to our tiny, old house in anticipation.  I love the way I don’t care about petty things and how I don’t want material things.  I love transitioning into this new level of adulthood.  Yes, there are important things on the back burner currently, and I look forward to the day that I reposition them to the front.  But right now, I am LIVING this pregnancy.  And I don’t feel bad about that.  Who knows if I’ll get another chance?

And now… a photo montage:

Snuggly Pups

Love Him So

Stow Away in Front Door Wreath

Puppy Love


Preparations (No More Carpet/Hidden Surprise!)

At 20 Week Ultrasound (It’s a Boy!)

26 Weeks and Counting…

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