Going to do this…

So, I was looking at Twitter and saw Jackson Pearce having a writing party (#writingparty)!  I was intrigued.  What is a writing party?  Are there brownies?  Am I invited?  If there are brownies and I’m not invited, could I somehow acquire a brownie?

Come to find out, Jackson and Twitter friends would write for 30 minute slots of time and then come back together and celebrate…or make a sandwich or decoupage or something equally neat!  (I just discovered I’m hungry.)

I absolutely love this idea and hope to practice it in the near future.  If my critique partner is willing, of course.  She is about to explode with child, so she might want to–might not.  Depends on the comfort level for the day, but I am totally sharing this with her and will push for action.

Thank you, Jackson, for being awesome!

And now, my blogging dears, meet my new friend Remus.

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