On Showers, House Elves, and Basements

I thought with Husband away for the week, I would be able to pour words on paper.  HOWEVER, I’ve squandered my alone time catching up on all the Husband-unfriendly movies/shows that I’ve wanted to see.  I still have tonight, Thursday, and Friday to reinstate my self-control. Will I prevail or sink miserably in the lake of self-pity?  Tune in next week to find out…

On Writing—

I get really good ideas in the shower.  The problem is…I am in the shower, without pen and paper.  And even if had access writing utensils, I’m covered in water.  So I’ve pondered ways to solve this problem (none of them very good):

-A voice-activated recorder.

*The sound of the shower would initiate recording.  Also, I sing there.  Loudly.  Tonelessly.  Nobody wants to hear that, not even me.

-Have Husband or house guest accompany me to bathroom and jot down inspirations.

*Unfair and impractical.  Plus, what if Husband is unavailable or I don’t have company?  Back to square one…

-The best option I have so far is–duh, duh, duuummm–Employ a house elf.

*I think we all know the problem with this option, but just in case…  *whispers* They don’t spell well.  Besides, I’m a muggle.  I can’t hire one anyway.

Thankfully, I do remember the idea of an opening scene for another book idea.  It’s plot is developing.

Side Note:  I have folders dedicated to each book idea, so I can write it down and tuck it away until the appropriate time.  I have a feeling I would combine all my characters’ traits if I tried to write more than one novel at a time now. Maybe when I’m more practiced… I just imagined a nebulous, cloud-like character blob, a concentrated fog hovering in my fictional little town.  *Mea shutters* Definitely one book at a time for me.  My attention deficit tendencies writhe in agony, but I will not yield.

It’s really the poetry that suffers from lack of writing apparatus in the shower.  I speak the lines, feel the rightness of them in my bones, and then immediately forget them.  I can’t help but think that it was the most amazing thing I’d ever write, and that it’s gone.

Do ya’ll remember the episode of “That 70s Show” when the characters think that they come up with the most incredible ideas while they are, um, sitting in a circle in Topher Grace’s basement?  Then, they record their conversation, and it’s all so very stupid?

I just applied that to me and the poetry/shower paragraph… and laughed.  So. Hard.

Later, PenPals!  Too, cheesy?  Yeah, I’ll work on that…

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