Experience Vs. Experiment

So, I’ve had a rough week at Full-Time Job and, in an attempt to make me feel better, someone told me that this present situation will make great research for character development in future stories.  My first reaction was, “Way to link something that I am not enjoying as necessary to something that I do enjoy!”  On further analysis, I’m mildly concerned about potentially losing touch with reality.

Let me explain.  I have no problems whatsoever with cannibalizing real human characteristics to bring life to characters.  After all, every fictional character’s personality is a mix of direct and indirect encounters between other people and the author and how the author processes those encounters, deriving (among other things) personality traits, lie tells, and quirks.  My concern lies with my ability to live in my head so completely that real people become nothing but research and real problems become plot points.  I don’t know any authors, but I wonder if it is possible to be so consumed that you live life as if everything is an experiment and you are the observant, detached scientist.

I suppose being aware of my hermit-esque, mad-scientist ways will allow me to monitor the progression, but in future, I’ll make attempts to immerse myself in humanity for the experience rather than the experiment.


On writing:

I’ve plotted out six more scenes and I really like the depth the book is taking on.  I thought, at first, it was pretty elementary, but now it is surprising even me. I look forward to finishing the rough draft.  My favorite part of my creative writing undertakings has always been revision…and I’m getting so much closer.

I hope your ventures are taking shape as well!

Good luck!

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