All in Good Time…

It’s morning! The second morning, to be more specific, of Christmas break 2011!  Woot! I have washed all our laundry, cleaned the house, was cut on by a doctor, cooked a fabulous dinner (if I say so myself), and even managed to see my amazing godson and his equally amazing mom.  Husband and I gave him two books and a baby guitar that plays “Love Shack” among other songs.  I got a big kick out of that.  Then, we danced to an old Della Reese Live record. Yes, on a record player.  I have a respect for most things vintage.

This morning, I wanted to write, so I started with type-chatting to you lovely people.  Next, to the Book Cave!

I had this dream.  A strange and wonderful dream.  Bitter and sweet and romantic and sacrificial and heroic and inspiring and hopeless… Anyway, I’m going to write it after my current adventure.  I’m still crazy excited about present WIP, but you know how new ideas are.  They get the adrenaline pumping.  All in good time, my friend.  All in good time…

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