Breaking the Mold and Eating it: Swoon-Worthy Reads

Some years ago, I saw this blue-toned gem and had to have it. Never had I seen a book with such a lovely cover, so SHATTER ME by Tahereh Mafi changed the landscape of YA covers from dainty girls in ball gowns to a dressed up eye. (All of her novels’ covers in this series are just as gorgeous, btw.)

Shatter me
Not only was Mafi’s cover gorgeous, her prose felt fresh and real even in the post apocalyptic setting. Her first-person portrayal of Juliette coming into her own with censored sentences scratched out of paragraphs and replaced with more “appropriate” statements was something I’d never seen before. The novelty was well done, and combined with good story and gorgeous prose, I can’t be anything but a fan!

I read THE OPPOSITE OF YOU by Rachel Higginson. (You may recall the lovely beard on the cover.) Here. I will remind you.

The Opposite of You

The story was good. The meals described in the book sounded DIVINE. The backstory was revealed at just the right time. It ended conveniently (as a lot of romances do, I’m finding), but here was the BIG thing for me.

There was so much repetition in it.

It was like there was a list of, like, 4 key things the author wanted to make sure the reader knew, and then I (the reader) was pummeled by those things. It got to the point where it felt like filler.

I’m going to start rating scale, I think. (This is seriously off the cuff)
Character depth
Writing ☁️

Overall, four sizzling lightning bolts and one rainy-type cloud! So, if you’re looking for a feisty story with culinary appeal, here’s a rec for you!

Are you reading something worth sharing? I’d love to put a few of your tried-and-true stories on my TBR! 😍

Beards, Birds, and Basket Cases: Swoon-Worthy Reads

I have a confession.

I judge books by their covers.

Sorry not sorry.

Covers are a huge deal, and I love analyzing them. What works? What doesn’t? Why do I feel sad looking at this? Why do I want to rip this book open and devour its contents. It’s more of a psychological analysis, I guess.

So, I thought, why not share what I think with you lovelies? If anyone wants to know my inner thought, it’s YOU FOLKS, right? I’m going to talk about books I’ve read, too, but this could also be interesting. (Let me know in the comments and I’ll adjust from there.)

Cover Lust

SO here is a book I bought solely based on the cover.

The Opposite of You

Have I ever told you that I’m a sucker for a good beard? Husband grows the BEST beards, and maybe that’s why I love them. So, when I saw thumbnail for THE OPPOSITE OF YOU by Rachel Higginson, and it had this glorious beard with the city overlay on his hair and sunglasses, the book quickly became mine. And it was on SALE, y’all! Yippee!!

True Love

Darling Songbirds

I read another Rachael Herron book, and y’all….Y’ALL. This one has my heart. THE DARLING SONGBIRDS is a happy surprise of a romance. All the things I liked and wished for in the last Herron book came to fruition in this one. The characters are so well done; I want to be their friends. I want to drink at the Golden Spike. I want to lament with Adele. I want to pet the dang parrot. The prose is noteworthy, and the arc for the two Mains are small on the surface, but when you think about how that seemingly small adjustment changes their lives…isn’t that how real life is most of the time? Small pieces of change making large impacts on us? Adore. Will reread. Will continue in series.

Caged in Winter

I finished CAGED IN WINTER by Brighton Walsh, and the ending just right. I really want to tell you about it, but that would spoil it, so this is me keeping my mouth shut for once. Except to say this (I know! I can’t help it!):

There were some writing elements that drew me out of the story occasionally, but THE STORY! WOW! I loved it! Both MCs past and present and how they allowed room for each other…gah. Got me in the feels. Loved the ending especially.

Are you reading something worth sharing? I’d love to put a few of your tried-and-true stories on my TBR!