The Trick of It All

Clay and I were walking in the backyard, and we spotted this beauty. I wish mushrooms had a more whimsical name because some of them are really quite magical. But if you say, “Come look at this mushroom!” no one expects to see something gorgeous. Maybe that the trick of it all. I wonder if the namer thought the surprise of the sight was worth the sound of the title.


Flower Swords and Butterflies

This plant has doubled in size since this time last summer!

I call it a butterfly plant because the butterflies really like to hang around it. The kids love the color and the way the tiny blooms cluster together to make flower swords. Husband calls the bush by its Christian name, which I can’t dredge up from my mental well at the moment. Either way, it’s beautiful and looking at it makes me happy, so I’m sharing it with you lovely folks!

Happy Wednesday!

Sticker Vine Improved by Sunshine


I don’t like sticker vines (unless they have yummy berries on them) and I realize that they don’t necessarily belong on top of my hedge bush; however, do you see how lovely the sunlight enunciates each prickle? (I’m sure that’s the correct term for it. No need to look THAT up, lol!) You should also know that I had to cat-crawl into the bushes to take this picture. What we do for art.

I suppose it’s just an example of beauty in the madness. Or untouchable beauty. Or the power of sun. Or…well…how would you caption it?