Merci Monday: The Good Parts of Humanity

Late last night, around 10 pm, Brianna was in the process of helping someone jump off her car when I was walking to my car. I went to crank my own, and my battery was also dead. The other lady’s car was difficult to fix and Brianna called her husband to come help. I also called my husband because I didn’t want to assume that someone would help me, too.

While we waited, Brianna told me the story of how the other lady, who was deaf, flagged her down for help and–in spite of the late hour, her aching feet, her other daughter in the car, and other justifiable reasons–Breanna stayed for as long as it took to see us all off safely.

Yesterday was a hard day for more than one reason, but un-sarcastically (I feel like I have to point this out because sarcastic is my natural state of being), having my battery die in the Wal-Mart parking lot was the best part of it. I got to see the good parts of humanity in action from everyone involved; I got to check myself as I was humbled by this whole thing, and I got to laugh with two women who I came to truly admire after standing an hour and a half with them in a parking lot.

They are all the good parts of humanity. I’m happy to have met them.

Merci Monday 9

Merci Monday!

Monday gets a bad wrap, don’t you think?

I mean, it’s not like Monday volunteered to be the start of the work week. Monday didn’t raise it’s hand and say, “Takin’ this one for the team, Other Days!” So, let’s give Monday some props for being the sacrificial lamb of the week and give it a societal upgrade, shall we?

In my little corner of the Internet, Mondays are my new reminder days to be thankful for all things great and small. You’re welcome to join! Gratitude loves company. *Insert big o’ smile here*!

Merci Monday 6