Father’s Day Restraint Cont…

Okay, I’m doing pretty well at not giving Husband presents, but I’m failing miserably at not showing other people. I figure it can’t hurt, since HE can’t see it. He doesn’t read this blog, so I’m going to show y’all to help alleviate the need to show him. Does that make sense? HERE IT IS!!!!!

Father's Day

Yes, that is a piece of wood with pictures on it!!! This is now covered in antique matte Mod Podge, and it looks wicked. 9 days and Husband gets to see it! CAN’T SIT STILL!

Now, I’m going to get Things ready to send to CP while I wait for Father’s Day to get here.


Father’s Day Restraint

I totally thought Father’s Day was this coming up Sunday.  I’ve been stressing out trying to get everything finished.  Good news: I have a whole ‘nother week.  Bad News: I have a whole ‘nother week before I can give Husband PRESENTS.  I am so bad about buying presents early, and then giving them to their intended before the celebration causing me to have to buy MORE presents or end up looking like a poo poo head at said celebration.  I struggle with this. Every. Year. And now, with the very first Father’s Day looming up for the man with whom I’m smitten, I’m at war with myself.  Justifications are easy to come by.

1: His shoulder really hurts and causing him to have a bad week.  Therefore, he needs something to remind him that we love him so.

2: He is in the middle of his busy season at work and is unable to find a silver lining.  Therefore, he needs something to remind him that we love him so.

3: He didn’t like his enchilada he had for lunch.  Therefore, he needs something to remind him that we love him so.

4. The series finale of FRINGE rocked my world with awesomeness. Therefore, we should celebrate with something to remind Husband that we love him so.

See? What’s a girl to do?

I have to remind myself that his birthday, my dad’s birthday, father’s day, and our anniversary are in June and July.  That if I give him Things now, I will have no money for extra Things to replace Original Things in light of mass events coming up.  This is logical reasoning.  I will be strong.

Well, maybe just the Wilco vinyl…  But that’s ALL…